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About the Temple of Garni

A telemedicine expert, Dr. Peter Killcommons serves as the CEO of Medweb, a company he established more than two decades ago. In 2011, Dr. Peter Killcommons traveled to Armenia to share his knowledge at the First Armenian International Congress on Telemedicine and eHealth. During his visit, Dr. Pete Killcommons found time to visit historical sites, including the Temple of Garni.

With history dating back to approximately the first century BC, the Temple of Garni was constructed on top of an Urartian temple, facing east toward the rising sun. A shrine dedicated to the sun goddess of Mythra, the temple lies just over 31 miles northeast of modern day Erevan. Its structure, made completely of monolithic stones, contains no mortar; rather, builders carefully carved out pieces of stone, using Pythagorean and Platonic theories, to stack on top of one another creating a sound and solid structure.

Over the course of time, Garni faced challenges, such as the 1679 earthquake that destroyed the temple. However, by the 1970s, the structure was restored and today remains the only Greco-Roman temple in the Soviet Union to stand above ground.

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