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AMA and LexisNexis Team Up For New Directory Service

AMA and LexisNexis

Peter (Pete) Killcommons, MD, CEO of Medweb, has been working in telemedicine for nearly 25 years. Alongside his professional endeavors, Dr. Peter Kilcommons is a member of the American Medical Association.

The American Medical Association (AMA) recently announced a partnership with LexisNexis Risk Solutions to provide a network directory service that will help provide a top-notch access point for health care workers who need to access this data.

The service, named VerifyHCP, is a collaborative effort between the AMA’s subsidiary, AMA Business Solutions, and LexisNexis. Through VerifyHCP, health care professionals will be able to access, monitor, and update data about clinicians, among other functions. 

As clinician data changes over time, information can become depreciated, compromising the quality of various network directories. With new laws calling for more stringent regulations about patients having access to current data and lists of providers, clinics, and private practices are quickly becoming overburdened with the increasing amount of administrative work it takes to keep network data up to date.

The VerifyHCP service aims to streamline this process for providers. For more information about the service, please visit

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