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An Overview of the First Armenian International Telemedicine Congress

by Peter Killcommons

As the CEO of Medweb, Peter (Pete) Killcommons leads the development of innovative, reliable telemedicine technologies. With more than 1,000 installations in locations including Malaysia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, his products have aided both military personnel and developing communities throughout the world. In 2011, Peter Killcommons shared his industry knowledge and experience as a keynote speaker at the First Armenian International Telemedicine Congress.
From October 14-16, nearly 300 attendees gathered in Yerevan, Armenia, for the country’s first international conference on telemedicine. Mr. Killcommons met with peers from around the world, including Georgia, Russia, Germany, and Austria, in addition to more than 95 students and faculty members from the host university. Together, they discussed current trends in the telemedicine sector, as well as future developments and collaborative projects.
In his keynote address, Mr. Killcommons summarized the recent implementation of telemedicine technologies in eastern Afghanistan, noting the project’s associated challenges and overall success. In addition, he helped to facilitate improved medical care for underserved Armenian communities by donating a Medweb telemedicine system to the Armenian Telemedicine Association.
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