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Experimental Aircraft Association Membership Options

Peter Killcommons

Peter or Pete Killcommons is the founder and CEO of Medweb, a medical imaging and telemedicine company. As a volunteer pilot for disaster relief efforts, Peter Killcommons is also involved with the Experimental Aircraft Association.

With several options for membership, the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) welcomes anyone who is a pilot or is interested in becoming one, a plane builder or restorer, or is simply interested in planes. Membership options include individual, family, lifetime, and student. There are also opportunities to join several community memberships such as Warbirds, Vintage Aircraft, or the International Aerobatic Club.

The individual and family memberships provide the same benefits, which include access to EEA’s Sport Aviation Magazine, discounted rates to aviation celebrations, local EEA chapters, and more. Student memberships are available free of charge for anyone between the ages of 8 and 18 who has completed a Young Eagles Flight with EEA. Lifetime members receive several personalized items such as a jacket, engraved plaque, I.D. card, and gold pin.


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