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First Armenian International Telemedicine Congress Keynote Address

Peter Killcommons

Dr. Peter “Pete” Killcommons, the recipient of a 1994 MD New York Medical College Calren grant to use telecommunication to link hospitals to each other, is the chief executive of Medweb Medical Imaging, Teleradiology and Telemedicine. In 2011. Dr. Peter Killcommons was the keynote speaker at the first Armenian International Telemedicine Congress, held in Yerevan, Armenia’s capital. During his address, Dr. Killcommons discussed the challenges experienced in implementing telemedicine technology in Afghanistan, which was being done with the assistance of two major hospitals.

To help further develop and improve rural medical services in Armenia, Dr. Killcommons donated a state-of-the-art Medweb Internet-based telehealth system to the Armenian telemedicine association. He further interacted with numerous physicians and technologists from Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Germany, and Austria, with whom he discussed future collaboration projects to further telemedicine across the globe. Present at the Congress were 287 participants, 95 of whom were faculty and students from the host university.

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