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Laughs for the Troops Combines Humor and Advocacy

Peter Killcommons

Dr. Peter “Pete” Killcommons is a high-level executive in the medical field currently working as the CEO of Medweb, an international medical software/device company. As CEO, Dr. Killcommons is kept busy through many trips abroad to promote healthcare innovation, such as his recent trip to Japan to expand the use of mHealth, a system that assists with home health care for those unable to visit a doctor's office. Dr. Peter Killcommons also takes the time to support national nonprofit organizations, such as Laughs for the Troops.

Laugh for the Troops is a charitable organization in the US that seeks to provide healing and assistance to American troops and their families through humor. The nonprofit hosts comedy events for troops throughout the country, as well as other recreational events and fundraisers such as barbecues and golf tournaments. To combat the effects that PTSD and depression can have on the entire family, these events are often family-focused, and soldiers and veterans are encouraged to bring as many people as they’d like.

However, Laughs for the Troops is also has the goal of increasing awareness. The organization, in addition to directly raising funds for veterans and their families who need assistance, helps to support research for traumatic brain injury (TBI) and PTSD and work with VA hospitals that treat these conditions. To encourage supporters and volunteers to keep up-to-date with these efforts as well as spread awareness, the association also has a constantly-updated newsletter (The Point) to detail these efforts and new information about the often-misdiagnosed injuries. To sign up for The Point, or contribute to Laughs for the Troops’ efforts, visit


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