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As CEO of Medweb, Peter “Pete” Killcommons leads the innovation-focused San Francisco company that offers dedicated services in the areas of telemedicine, teleradiology, and medical imaging. Among the solutions Peter Killcommons’ firm offers is m-Health, a suite of coordinated mobile applications. m-Health is particularly useful within villages and rural settings worldwide. It helps to accelerate health care professional training and to ensure the widespread dissemination of vital medical information to rural populations.


m-Health utilizes existing 3G and 2G network capacities in transmitting medical information and images quickly and efficiently. Medweb servers offer epidemiological monitoring in real time, teleradiology and telemedicine services, and access to an online video reference library. Videoconferencing is tailored to low-bandwidth situations and employs communications platforms that follow global standards, ensuring connectivity.


One widely used m-Health application is Midwives Connect, which offers interactive voice response technologies that directly support maternal caregivers who may have only basic equipment and training. IVR4BABY offers mothers and their families vital information for ensuring infant and maternal survival.

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