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Medweb’s International Reach

As the head of Medweb and its radiology, disaster response, and telemedicine divisions, Peter Killcommons, MD, has had the opportunity to travel extensively to the countries where he brings his work. In 2011, Peter “Pete” Killcommons presented as the keynote speaker at the First Armenian International Telemedicine Conference in the Armenian city of Yerevan.

The topic of the speech was the implementation of telemedicine technology at Nangahar University Hospital and Nangahar Public Hospital in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. Medweb’s technology is designed to work in all kinds of difficult conditions where easy access to medical resources is limited. This includes war zones and the aftermath of disasters as well as underserved rural areas in countries like Armenia and Afghanistan where people may not live anywhere near a hospital.

Telemedicine can provide information, diagnoses, and other useful communications easily and quickly. This can be lifesaving, especially in the event of a medical issue such as a stroke where diagnosis and treatment may only be helpful within about three hours. In addition to having set up training and equipment in Jalalabad, Medweb donated a telemedicine system to the Armenian Telemedicine Association and has provided other forms of philanthropy in Antigua, Pakistan, Kosovo, and Peru.


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