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More Than Seven out of Ten American Homes Can Support Solar Energy

Peter Killcommons

The chief executive of Medweb, Peter (Pete) Killcommons oversees the San Francisco, California-based company’s radiology and telemedicine operations. An advocate for renewable energy, Peter Killcommons maintains a keen interest in solar power for consumers.

Up to 79 percent of U.S. rooftops could have solar panels installed, according to new research by Google. In predominantly sunny states like Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico, solar capacity is as high as 90 percent while in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Maine, solar capacity drops to 60 percent.
Since 2015, Google has tracked the sun exposure of rooftops in the United States to determine whether they have enough potential to support a solar power revolution. The project, which covers all 50 states, maps out the exposure of 60 million buildings, taking into account factors such as sun positioning, weather patterns, and shade from adjacent buildings. Results offer a glimpse into the solar potential of America’s households while empowering homeowners with data showing which portions of their roofs receive the most sun exposure all year.
The city with the most rooftop solar potential is Houston, with an estimated 18,940GWh of solar generation capacity. It is closely followed by Los Angeles and Phoenix.

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