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Telemedicine on Track for Solid Growth

Peter Killcommons

Since 1992, Peter (Pete) Killcommons has been the CEO of the medical software and device company, Medweb in San Francisco, California. Peter Killcommons has recently traveled to Cabo Verde in Africa to expand the use of telemedicine there.

Telemedicine is a growth industry worldwide. In 2013, there were an estimated 350,000 telemedicine patients globally. This is expected to grow to 7 million patients by 2018. While there are numerous reasons why patients are choosing telemedicine over traditional personal visits, the biggest reason is the cost savings.
Millions of patients are realizing that they can receive the same high-quality care from professional physicians through an Internet portal, and this has the added benefit of reducing wait times in urgent care clinics and hospital emergency rooms.
The global telemedicine market generated over $18 billion in 2016, and with a projected compound annual growth rate of 14 percent between 2017 and 2022, it is expected to become a $38 billion industry by 2022.

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