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The Balkan Telemedicine Seminar

Peter Killcommons

The CEO of the San Francisco, California, medical imaging, teleradiology, and telemedicine company Medweb, Dr. Peter "Pete" Killcommons is an international philanthropist who travels the world to advise telemedicine initiatives in developing countries. In November of 2010, Dr. Peter Killcommons journeyed to Podgorica, Montenegro, to lecture at the Fourth Intensive Balkan Telemedicine and e-Health Seminar.

Sponsored by the International Virtual e-Hospital, the Intensive Balkan Telemedicine and e-Health Seminar was designed to build a framework that supports telemedicine and e-health technology systems in the Republic of Montenegro. If this framework proves to be successful in Montenegro, the Seminar aims to spread these technology systems to other countries in the region in support of efforts to provide virtual educational and long-distance health care services to widely dispersed communities.

In previous years, Balkan Telemedicine Seminars have taken place in Prishtina, Kosovo; Tirana, Albania; and Skopje, Macedonia. These events have served to broaden shared understanding of the enormous potential of telemedicine to transform the health care capabilities of each country.


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