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The City College Alumni Association Scholarship

Peter or Pete Killcommons, founder and CEO of Medweb, is also a member of the City College Alumni Association. As part of the association, Peter Killcommons is part of the effort to support current students with scholarships and grants. The Alumni Association Scholarship in particular is maintained with alumni funds from 23 different classes and is one of 45 scholarships supported by the Alumni Association.

The Alumni Association Scholarship was established in 1991 and is divided among various departments. The departments chosen for the scholarship change yearly. In 2015, they were economics, black studies, political science, architecture, and the Center for Worker Education. The alumni association societies affiliated with each department play a key role in selecting recipients.
The five recipients of the Alumni Association Scholarship will receive $1,000. They must have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher, be sophomores or juniors, and show evidence of college or community service.

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