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The First Armenian International Telemedicine Congress

by Peter Killcommons

Peter Killcommons, a professional in the telemedicine and teleradiology industry, joined Medweb in 1992. As CEO of the company, he oversees three of its divisions and its organized philanthropy program. In October 2011, Peter Killcommons was a keynote speaker at the First Armenian International Telemedicine Congress in Yerevan, Armenia.
The First Armenian International Telemedicine Congress took place from October 14 to 16, 2011. The event sought to promote the development of telemedicine solutions in the country and to determine the direction of future efforts. Participants in the congress included students, organizers, and sponsors, as well as professionals in the fields of eHealth and telemedicine.
During the first two days, sponsors and invited speakers addressed participants. Moreover, the second day featured scientific presentations and an expert panel. The third day of the congress was dedicated to sightseeing and cultural programs.
Pete Killcommons delivered a speech concerning the successes and challenges associated with the implementation of telemedicine computer technology in Afghanistan on the second day of the congress. He also donated a Medweb web-based telemedicine system to the Armenian Association of Telemedicine.
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