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The Ready Responders Network

Peter Killcommons

With expertise in medicine and technology, Peter "Pete" Killcommons serves as the founder and CEO of the telemedicine enterprise Medweb, which is located in San Francisco. Peter Killcommons also supports various charitable organizations, such as the World Cares Center (WCC), a disaster relief group that engages in disaster preparedness and response efforts.

Among its many programs, WCC maintains the Ready Responders Network (RRN) to help disaster relief agencies and local volunteers effectively manage human resources during recovery work. The engaging platform provides disaster preparedness plans, disaster response templates, and blogs and social media forums. Within its holistic and standardized set of disaster planning and recovery resources, RRN offers a system for collecting and analyzing disaster situational reports and needs intake forms, which accelerates the generation of mapped zones to indicate current needs and progress.

The RRN Digest also offers community partners a weekly update on events and trainings presented by local civic organizations, nonprofits, and government agencies. As a resource for emergency managers and disaster volunteers, the RRN Digest helps activists connect with other emergency responders and learn about new disaster resources.

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