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The Use of Technology in Caring for Japan’s Elderly

Peter Killcommons

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, medical professional Dr. Peter (“Pete”) Killcommons serves as the chief executive officer of medical device and software company Medweb. Moreover, Dr. Peter Killcommons guides the organization’s philanthropic efforts and institutes charitable activities on his own, such as a recent trip to Japan to expand the use of Medweb software in the home care of the elderly.

In Japan, the use of technology, including robots, to aid in the care of the elderly is on the rise. Known as care robots, they can complete a host of tasks, from reading emotions and providing entertainment to taking medical notes and collecting and explaining medical data.

Robots and other forms of advanced technology, including various types of medical devices and software, are necessary in Japan as the number of home health care workers fails to keep pace with the country’s growing elderly population, the largest in the world.v

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